One of the most sophisticated elements in Break dance is footwork. People for some reason take footwork for granted due to the fact that its not as noticeable or as flashy as power moves and freezes.

For me, footwork is definitely the center of my style. It helps me feel the music and dance freely. When I mean footwork ,I’m also including Toprock in the mix.

One of the reasons why I like footwork so much is how precise each step has to be.  In order to have clean and nice footwork each step has to be precise. Besides power moves, footwork is definitely one of those elements that you have to drill your body for results .

It also has to been done right in order for it to look fresh and clean. Doing footwork in the wrong way, for example , doing footwork movements in a lazy and sloppy way can cause your body to get in the habit of doing the movements sloppy.

According to Storm Ballroom , “Incorrect use of the feet while dancing can cause a ripple effect of issues that impact the rest of the body’s movement: lack of transition into the next move, change of rhythm, inability to keep up in speed, unable to keep up with a partner, loss of rhythm in hip and torso action.”

This is very true in my opinion. If you are off half a second or the form is not good it will show . The site is showing how important footwork is in dance in general , not just in breaking. Footwork can also be a center of rhythm. That’s why its the center of my style because I’m always following the beat.

If I lose track of where the music is going , usually footwork can put me back on track.

Another reason , why I like footwork so much is that you can get really complicated and detailed with footwork movements. This can be hard to do because there is so many different steps in bboy footwork. If you can break down each step in footwork and create something different , your footwork can look complex .

Well that all I have for today. Have good day and good luck !

For other perspectives of the dance checkout this Bboy guide.


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